Raffle Ride

Below are the details for the Raffle Ride

How to Participate

  1. Print your Raffle Ride Card, and ensure your cell phone is charged
  2. Review and print the Raffle Ride Destinations
  3. Review the map of Raffle Ride destination locations
  4. Determine which ones you would like to target for a good destination
  5. Ride to each desired location and obtain the necessary documentation according to the “Raffle Ride destinations sheet (Stamp your card or take a selfie)
  6. Find me (Hacker) at the Raffle Table (hours and locations below)
  7. Swap your Stamp Card and / or show me your Selfies for the respective number of tickets
  8. Place the tickets in your desired Raffle

1. Print your Raffle Ride Card (click here)

2. Raffle Ride destinations and resulting Tickets (click here)

3. Map of Raffle Ride destinations (click here)

6. Raffle Table availability